FAQ Students

We have built a list of your most asked questions, but if there is any specific query we haven't covered, get in touch and a member of our team will be happy to answer it for you.

Joining CollaBees

  • Easy.
    Head to the top of the page and you will find our 'Join Us' button. 
    Choose to create an account with your Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn account (saving you time inputting your details manually!).
    Or if you prefer, create a username, accompanied with your email address, your specialism (don't worry there is a handy drop down selection box if you're unsure) and if you like, your mobile number. 
    And that really is it. Oh and don't worry, any information can be changed later once your account has been created. 
  • Absolutely!
    Create your own tailored profile and reveal as much or as little information about yourself as you choose. We created the platform to allow you to showcase your skills and achievements, making it easy for you to connect and apply to the opportunities that interest you. 
    Just like the sign up form, choose to enter your details manually or transfer information straight from your social sites or direct file uploads, giving you more time to spend browsing our site than filling in your information. 
    Hit the save button meaning anytime you apply for a new opportunity, you don't have to keep re-entering your information. 
  • No worries, happens to us all. Click the sign in button and select forgot password. Enter your email address and we'll send you a link with a new one.
  • We will assume you haven't already heard or are just checking, but CollaBees is 100% free for students. 
  • Of course! 
    While you are editing your profile and making things perfect, you might not want anyone to see your work in progress page. Or maybe you are shy and would rather companies couldn't find you. 
    Login to your account and  'My Profile' page will appear. Scroll until you find 'Allow In Search' and select 'No'. 
    Similarly, if you want to be headhunted by organisations, select 'Yes' and some opportunities might just come to you!
  • Yes. We know that sometimes people change their minds and we hope you only delete your account once you've build enough experience and got the job you have been dreaming of. But, if you decide CollaBees is no longer for you, simply login to your account, go to your settings and hit delete. 

Applying for jobs and projects

  • Well start browsing our site and start applying. Yes, really!
    Once you've created an account with us, you can start applying right away.
    You can either head to our home page and search for opportunities from our main search bar, or head to each page(located across the top of your screen) depending upon what you are looking for.
  • Lots. Choose to search for projects by type: 

    1. Semestrial
    2. Undergraduate Dissertation
    3. Postgraduate Dissertation
    4. Doctoral Dissertation

    Or for jobs search by:

    1. Field (There are 9 to choose ranging from Marketing to Engineering, and once selected can be defined further. For example, in Marketing and Communications, you can narrow the search to branding or even PR, helping you to find the exact specialism you are looking for!)
    2. Type (Internship, Graduate Scheme, Industrial Placement, Junior Position and even Volunteering)

    The great thing is, both of these options can be narrowed by Location, Language, and Date Posted, saving you precious time, matching you only with the opportunities you want.

  • You should receive acknowledgement from the organisation that advertised the listing and will be kept up to date with the progress of your application.
    Your account will also show which opportunities you have shortlisted and which you have applied for, allowing you to keep track. 
    You also have the option to sign up for job alerts (the option is found on any one of our search pages) meaning you will be the first to know of any changes to the status of your application or any new or similar opportunities posted on our site.


  • CollaBees will only use your information to enable you to build your experience and manage your career, to grow your network, to troubleshoot any of your issues and to collect information that can help provide a better service to you. 
  • Only the information you choose to share, including personalised profile you create and automatic data such as the date your account was created, date and time of last login etc to ensure any issues you may have, can be located and fixed ASAP. 
  • Simply. No.
    We do not sell your personal information to marketers, unless you authorise the sharing of this information. 
    It is a violation of our terms of use for companies to purchase access to our CV and profile database to market products or services to you. 
    The only information we share, is the information you choose to and to whom you choose, meaning you only receive emails from the sources you opted into. 

Still unsure or need more information?

Head over to our Terms and Policies (the boring but necessary stuff) page for a more detailed overview of Privacy, Cookies and Security procedures.