About Us

Our motto at CollaBees is:

Collaborate and Create Change.

And the reason is simple. We genuinely believe that through the creation of great relationships built upon the right combination of people and skills, we really can change the way the world works. 

Dusan Kokoska, CEO

Our Story

CollaBees is founded upon spotting a shared commonality of issues between students and the private sector. 

Students struggle to access decent, quality work experience; organisations struggle to find qualified candidates.

Students find it difficult to generate ideas for dissertations; organisations seek validation of business strategies.

Organisations need quality insights but are restricted by budgets; students conduct research, gain knowledge but have no opportunity to apply it.

Both parties work in isolation from one another as there is no one platform or network to connect the two.

That's where we come in. 

By providing the gateway through our online platform we can solve these problems universally, facilitating the exchange of global knowledge, accelerating the recruitment process. 

Anytime. Anywhere.